Un financement de Doctorat en psychologie de la santé pour une durée de 1 an est actuellement à pourvoir à l’Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), avec la Prof. Ann DeSmet.


Project description:

Health goal conflict and facilitationMultiple healthy lifestyle behaviours (e.g., physical activity, healthy diet, not smoking) are often needed to have an impact on public health and reduce morbidity and mortality rates. Sometimes one healthy lifestyle can give us the confidence to also tackle another one, for example when being more physically active may also encourage us to change to a healthier diet (facilitation). Sometimes, however, these health goals are in conflict, when we feel we may reward ourselves with an unhealthy behaviour (e.g., eating chips) when we have been healthy in another area (e.g., gone for a walk), or just simply because we lack time, resources, or motivation to address multiple healthy lifestyles. This research project aims to assess how healthy lifestyles fit with higher-level personal goals (e.g., caring for others, pro-environmental goals) and how they conflict with or facilitate each other, to provide recommendations for future interventions when aiming to improve multiple healthy lifestyles. The research involves quantitative research (Ecological Momentary Assessment) and focuses specifically on healthy diet and physical activity.

The vacancy involves a 1-year paid fulltime position as a Phd student (seed money), starting 1st October 2022. You will be encouraged and supported to apply for a Phd fellowship (‘bourse’) during this time.



  • You have obtained a master’s diploma in (health) psychology, health sciences, social sciences or an equivalent diploma that is relevant for this PhD project
  • You are interested in and are strongly motivated to conduct research in the domain of health goal facilitation and interference
  • You are interested in and possibly already have experience in conducting scientific research, including literature review, data collection, data analysis and reporting
  • You have strong quantitative research and statistical skills
  • You possess excellent interpersonal skills and are prepared to collaborate in a research team
  • You possess excellent writing and presentation skills in English
  • You are fluent in Dutch or French


Job description:

You are involved in the execution of the research project

You prepare a doctoral thesis in the field of psychology

You prepare a fellowship application to receive additional PhD funding

You publish scientific articles related to the project and engage in other types of science communication (e.g., active participation in national or international conferences, workshops, seminars)

There may be a light teaching load in connection with the broader project



In addition to a full-time scholarship (comparable to a competitive Belgian salary), you will benefit from health care and social security.


How to apply:

Applications (including curriculum vitae, detailed overview of study results and grades, motivational letter and names of two people who can provide a reference letter for you) should be sent to

Deadline for applications is 2nd September 2022.

For more information about this position, kindly contact