ULB has a vacancy for a PhD student

Project description: Health and sustainability
Public health and sustainable development are current societal challenges worldwide, that are moreover intricately connected but most often studied and addressed in isolation. This project aims to examine how they can be targeted together and how one behaviour can positively influence the other. This study examines how healthy lifestyle and pro-environmental behaviours in a general adult population can facilitate or conflict with each other; and whether facilitation occurs more when behaviours fit with the same personal values and affect. This will be examined in a mixedmethod study, using a qualitative analysis of a personal interview and a quantitative analysis of crossbehavioural matrices of conflict and facilitation. The study will also assess the extent to which and mechanisms via which spill-over effects occur between these behaviours in an (intensive) longitudinal study, where one behaviour may increase the chance of adopting a next one or conversely where it may reduce the chance of adopting a next behaviour.

The vacancy involves a 44-month (3-years and 8 months) paid fulltime position as a Phd student, starting 1st November 2022, in the PACE research group at the faculty of Psychology, Educational sciences and Speech therapy, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

– You have obtained a master’s diploma in (health) psychology, health sciences, social sciences or an equivalent diploma that is relevant for this PhD project
– You are interested in and are strongly motivated to conduct research in the domain of health and sustainability, and goal facilitation and interference
– You are interested in and possibly already have experience in conducting scientific research, including literature review, data collection, data analysis and reporting
– You have strong quantitative research and statistical skills
– You possess excellent interpersonal skills and are prepared to collaborate in a research team
– You possess excellent writing and presentation skills in English
– You are fluent in Dutch or French (knowledge of at least one of both is a requirement)

Job description:
– You are involved in the execution of the research project
– You prepare a doctoral thesis in the field of psychology
– You publish scientific articles related to the project and engage in other types of science communication (e.g., active participation in national or international conferences, workshops, seminars)
– There may be a light teaching load in connection with the broader project

In addition to a full-time scholarship (comparable to a competitive Belgian salary), you will benefit from health care and social security.

How to apply
Applications (including curriculum vitae, detailed overview of study results and grades,
motivational letter and names of two people who can provide a reference letter for you) should
be sent to

Deadline for applications is 20th September 2022.

For more information about this position, kindly contact